Director/Producer of Stretch At Work: Lucy Whyte Ferguson, D.C.

Stretch At Work Software Designer:  Guillermo Cañedo

Instructors of Sequences:
Dr. Lucy Whyte Ferguson:  Myofascial Stretches and Standing Qi Gong
Melissa Tiernan:  Seated Qi Gong
Amani Carroccio:  Seated and Standing Yoga
Mimi Ting:  Tai Chi

Stretch Participants:
Erin Badhand Breahna Gonzales
Maury Calvert Ramona Padilla
Jennifer Dillon Renee Romero
Lenny Foster Mimi Ting

Editing and Production Coordinator: Tor Matson

Camera, Sound Engineer, and Production Coordinator: Troy Paff

Film Shoot Producer and Coordinator: Marcia Woske

Film Shoot Camera and Production: Chris Flurry

Narration of Seated QiGong and Yoga: Judith Schiavone

General Counsel and Best Boy: Allen Ferguson, Jr.

Harp: Julie Norem Hawley
Flamenco: Calvin Hazen
Traditional Native American Flute: Blackhill, Albino Lujan
Contemporary Native American Group: Secret Souls®
Cary Morin: Parker Flying Guitars
Benito Concha: Taos Pueblo Drums and Percussion
Mazatl Galindo: Amerindian Wind and Percussion and Keyboards

Appreciation to BT & Pam Coleman

Appreciation to Don Spero & Nancy Chasen

Special Thanks to Louis Archuleta, Lieutenant Governor of Taos Pueblo and the Tribal Government and People, for their assistance, and for the use of the beautiful Taos Pueblo settings.

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