The New Stretch at Work® DVD

For those who prefer a film presentation to an interactive computer program Stretch At Work® is now available in DVD format. Enjoy a preview of video and music samples from the DVD.

The Stretch at Work DVD The Stretch at Work® DVD includes:
  • All 12 exercise sequences on the software CD;

    • Myofascial Stretches
    • Qi Gong
    • Tai Chi
    • Yoga

  • An introduction with information about proper work station ergonomics and proper stretching technique.

Bonus Material:

  • Additional music
  • A photo montage featuring the breathtaking Taos landscape where Stretch at Work was filmed

Choosing between the CD and DVD

Once installed the Stretch at Work® CD software will automatically pop-up on your computer at prearranged intervals, reminding you to take a stretch break.

The computer program is most appropriate for those who need scheduled breaks to perform their exercises while working at the computer.

The DVD is for those who do not want to schedule their stretches and prefer options of either watching the exercises on their computer, or on television via their DVD player.

"Because of the thoroughness of the presentation, the information on the Stretch At Work DVD has increased the longevity of my practice and assisted my clients on their healing path. Thank You!"

—S.M., Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

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