Stretch at Work Exercise Software
Easy to Download & Easy to Use

Just pop in the CD. Just pop the CD into your computer and follow the easy to install instructions. Initial installation includes a sample menu of stretches, selected to play at regular intervals between 9:00am and 5:00pm, so that each user will have an easy way to experience the stretches, without any complicated set-up.
Use the Control Panel. When you are ready to make your own selections, simply click on the icon and scroll to the control panel. Select the stretch sequences and the times you would like to perform them.
The pop-up menue appears. Two minutes before the start of the video the pop-up menu appears on the corner of your screen. The information in the pop-up menu and the choices provided give you even more control over when you stretch.
On-screen videos. The on-screen videos guide you through each stretch sequence. If you are interrupted, the cursor allows you to go back to where you left off, or you can simply re-start the video.

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