Effective Stretching Exercises for Office Workers

  • Much of computer-related pain is caused by shortened muscles with tender trigger points (Myofascial Pain Syndrome). Effective stretching releases the trigger points (TrPs) and often brings relief.

  • Muscles become tense in groups rather than as single muscles. For this reason, it is most effective to stretch muscles in groups. Stretch at Work is specifically designed to stretch muscles in these natural groupings. Although this takes a bit more time than performing single muscle stretches, it is much more effective!

  • Health Care Providers have been prescribing these exercises for over 20 years for Myofascial Pain / Repetitive Strain Injuries. When their patients perform these exercises regularly, their pain generally decreases or is eliminated.

  • Stretch at Work resolves a major problem: helping people remember to perform their exercises regularly, and directing them through those exercises.

"Because of the thoroughness of the stretching routines and the ease of presentation, the information on the Stretch at Work CD has increased the longevity of my practice and assisted my clients on their healing path. Thank You!"

—S.M., Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

"Since my carpal tunnel surgery last year, the Stretch at Work exercises have been completely effective in eliminating my arm and hand pain. When I am working on deadline and skip my stretches for a couple of days, the pain starts to come back. All I have to do is start doing my stretches again and the pain goes away."

—E.D., Legal Secretary

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