Technical Information & Support

  • The Stretch at Work® CD is compatible with PC computers running Microsoft Windows 98 or later. It may also work on Macs running PC emulator software.

  • Free upgrades for the Stretch at Work® CD will be provided as necessary.

  • For further support please email:
Download QuickTime Player The Stretch at Work® software requires the QuickTime player. If the software does not automatically install and play, download QuickTime Player (free software) from or click on the QuickTime icon to the left.

License installation problems:

Universities sometimes use network protocols to prevent software from being downloaded and installed on computers in labs, etc. If you've purchased a license key for Stretch at Work ® and receive an error when attempting to install it on a university computer, please contact tech support for the university before contacting Stretch at Work.

If you receive a "Socket Error #11004" message when attempting to install your registration key:

  1. Download the updated registration program register.exe
  2. If the Stretch At Work® software is running on your PC, eixt the program to shut it down.
  3. Run register.exe and enter your registration key.
  4. Restart the Stretch At Work® software

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